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Oralieve Fresh Breath Kit

Enzyme system for a clean tongue and fresh breath

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    Oralieve Fresh Breath Kit
    Oralieve Tannkrem Ultra Mild (75 ML)
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    1*Oralieve Fresh Breath Kit + 1*Oralieve Tannkrem Ultra Mild (75 ML)

Oralieve Fresh Breath Kit

Oralieve Fresh Breath Kit includes Anti-plaque Oral Rinse, Moisturising Mouth Spray and Tongue Cleaner to ensure the freshness of your breath.  

The Oralieve kit contains enzymes that take over the important functions of saliva. As a result, the saliva defense system works optimally and bad odors do not stand a chance.

Benefits of Oralieve Fresh Breath Kit

✓ No alcohol or SLS

✓ Low acidity

✓ No sugar

How to use Oralieve Fresh Breath Kit

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Scrape your tongue with the tongue cleaner
  • Rinse the mouth with the mouthwash and spit it out
  • Do not rinse with water and do not eat or drink for 15 minutes
  • Regularly spray the mouth with the spray during the day

Please note that the Oralieve spray contains milk proteins (proteins), which can lead to allergic reactions in people with a milk allergy.

Children under 12 years of age should only use this product under the supervision of a professional.

Do not swallow it.

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Oralieve Fresh Breath Kit
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