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Miradent Mirasensitive Hap+ Toothpaste (50ml)

Intensive care for sensitive teeth

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Miradent Mirasensitive Hap+ Toothpaste (50ml)

If your teeth react to contact with HOT, COLD, SWEET, or SOUR stimuli by pain, you might suffer from hypersensitive teeth. Many people have the same problem.

The course is exposed tooth necks. Various reasons are possible, e.g. symptoms of aging, gingival diseases, dentifrice abrasions. The tooth neck is made up of dentine which is much softer than enamel and has many tiny dentine tubules. If these tubules are exposed, the contact with hot, cold, sweet and sour food and beverages can cause pain. Daily care with Miradent mirasensitive with the hap+ duo complex helps protect your teeth from this.

Potassium citrates release potassium ions and penetrate the tooth via the open dentine tubules and protectively cover the tooth nerve.

Hydroxyapatite (hap) is a biometric mineral substance, which is the main component of enamel. Due to the brushing with Miradent mirasensitive hap+, hydroxyapatite adheres to the dentine and closes up open dentine tubules.

In addition, fluoride and xylitol protect from caries and tooth neck caries.

Contains sodium fluoride (1450ppm) - For adults only.     

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Miradent Mirasensitive Hap+ Toothpaste (50ml)
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