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Miradent Xylimed Nose Spray

Organic spray. Hydrates and nourishes nose

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Miradent Xylimed Spray

Miradent nose spray: for dry, irritated, and sensitive nose. Helps against tonsil stones and bad breath. Clears moisturizes and hydrates nose. Flushes pollen away while it nourishes the nasal membranes. 100% natural ingredients, including xylitol.1



How to use Miradent Xylimed Spray

  1.  Use it daily if necessary; 
  2.  Use a maximum of 5 times a day 
  3.  Spray 2 to 4 times per nostril. After opening, it can be kept for a maximum  of 3 months and should not be used by other people because of the risk of infection

Purified water, sodium chloride, xylitol, and grapefruit seed extract.

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Miradent Xylimed Nose Spray
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