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Dentek Profiguard Professional Fit Dental Guard

Mouth guard for protection against nighttime teeth grinding

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    Dentek Guard + SOVA Fresh Spray

Dentek Profiguard for teeth grinding during sleep

Teeth grinding during sleep can be accompanied by a lot of force. This force can be compared to a pressure of 125 kilos on the teeth. That is enough to crack a walnut. The Profiguard Professional Fit dental guard is a guard that helps against teeth grinding during sleep and absorbs this weight without any problems. It has a moldable upper layer to create a cushion to comfort and protect teeth. It helps to prevent undesirable symptoms caused by teeth grinding, including jaw aches, tooth chipping and headaches. 

Why Dentek Profiguard Professional Fit?

There aren´t better fitting teeth grinding mouth guards in the world than the Profiguard. It uses 25% less material and is 60% stronger than ordinary guards. Most teeth guards are 25% thicker, which causes the jaws to be at unnatural distances in the long term and causes undesirable symptoms. Profiguard is a smart alternative. It has been manufactured with as little material as possible to ensure an extremely comfortable fit. At the same time, the Profiguard Professional Fit Dental Guard is 60% stronger. Of all "home made" bite dental guards, the Profiguard is the only dental guard that can be compared to a "dentist's mouth guard", but without high costs. 

Important features

The Profiguard can be easily adjusted to the shape of your dentition within 5 minutes, which guarantees perfect comfort 

  • Easy to clean with warm water. Can be dried with a hairdryer if desired 

  • Sustainable quality ensures long-lasting protection 

  • Is attached to the upper jaw 

  • Free of BPA and latex 

Would you prefer not to make the mouth guard yourself? Then take a look at the Dentek Platinum Guard.


What do you need?

  • Dentek Profiguard Professional Fit 
  • Bowl of hot water
  • Fork
  • Mirror
  • Timer

How to use it?

  • Read all the instructions and warnings before you begin to fit your guard;
  • Make sure to place the dental guard correctly into the fitting tray; the guard is positioned correctly when the dental guard is concave
  • Heat at least 1,5 inches of water till almost boiling and let rest for 10 seconds;
  • Place the guard and forming tray face down in the hot water for forty-five seconds. 
  • Remove the tray with the fork and quickly rinse under cold water for one second;
  • Place to forming tray in your mouth and centre the dental guard below your two front teeth and the sides below your molars;
  • Bite down firmly into the guard, relax your bite but keep the guard in place for at least two minutes while the material hardens;
  • Remove the guard and tray gently from your mouth and rinse under cool water for at least 20 seconds;
  • Remove the guard from the fitting tray: start by pulling the ends from each side of the fitting tray.
  • Done :)

Package contents: 

  • 1 Dental Guard

  • 1 Fitting Tray

  • 1 Storage Case 

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Dentek Profiguard Professional Fit Dental Guard
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