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AnOxident Balance Oral Rinse, 300ml

Mouthwash based on lactoferrin and anti oxidants for diabetics

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AnOxident Balance Oral Rinse, 300ml

Specific Oral Rinse indicated for decreasing excessive salivary glucose

Formulated with a patented blend of bio-active milk and plant extracts to help supplement your saliva’s natural defense systems, provide essential antioxidants and reduce the risk of periodontal problems associated with excess salivary glucose and free radicals.

The mild-tasting formulation includes the DUOX system to help maintain your mouth’s natural balance, promote mouth health, freshness and comfort. Formulated without menthol or alcohol making it easy to tolerate and does not sting or burn.


How to use AnOxident Balance Oral Rinse?

Recommended for daily use as a rinse after brushing.  Can also be used throughout the day to safeguard your oral health, freshen your mouth and provide mouth comfort.  Fluoride and Xylitol help strengthen teeth and prevent caries.

Excipients, Xylitol, Sodium Monofluorophosphate 1.14% w/w (1500 ppm fluoride ion), Milk Protein Extract, Milk Substrate, Lactoferrin-NFQ®, Apo Lactoferrin-NFQ®, Cucumis Melo, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Powder

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AnOxident Balance Oral Rinse, 300ml
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